Our Core Values

photo credit: John-Michael Maas / Darby Communications

Our Core Values

Passion, Commitment and Professionalism: Our work is driven by a commitment to the issues and the values we believe in, which in turn drive our commitment to our clients. We combine the creativity, skills and efficiency of our business model with a strong passion for improving the health and well being of individuals and communities around the world.

Synergy Between Communications and Advocacy: GHS supports our clients through a unique model that actively combines communications (strategy, messaging, media relations, new media, publications) and advocacy (stakeholder relations, policy, coalition building, fundraising). Effective communications and advocacy are mutually reinforcing tools that impact health policy and practice around the world.

Emphasis on Strategy and Collaboration: GHS partners with clients to enhance their public profiles. We then build on these successes to develop long-term strategies that help our clients achieve their goals. We emphasize partnerships and initiatives that blur the traditional boundaries of private vs. public sector, profit vs. charity, donor country vs. emerging market vs. developing world.

Unparalleled Networks and Knowledge: GHS is a world-class firm unmatched for its size in intelligence, agility and cost-effectiveness. We operate at the highest levels of policy and media, and work with researchers, advocates and journalists in communities around the world. Our commitment to the issues and strong relationships across the global health community make us trusted advocates for clients.

Global Orientation: Headquartered in New York City, we also have offices in New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing and Nairobi. We are building a global network of professional advocates, activists, and communications and policy specialists. Our diversity and experience give us the capacity and the credibility to significantly impact the international public health landscape.